Call For Papers

Call for Papers

  • Globalism and Literature
  • Diversity, Multiculturalism
  • Local, Glocal and Global Identity
  • Hybridity, ambivalence, contingency in Postcolonial literature
  • Feminism
  • Eco-Criticism
  • Nation as an imaginary entity
  • Diaspora literature
  • Minority literature
  • Subaltern Studies
  • Comparative literature
  • Special sessions on Canadian, Irish, African and Australian literatures


  • Renowned Keynote Speakers and Resource Persons
  • Plenary Lectures
  • Panel Discussions
  • Release of the Journal
  • Readings by Creative Writers
  • Book Releases/Book-Exhibition
  • Conference Dinner
  • Cultural Evening: Trip to the City Sites

Creative Writing Session

A number of creative writers will participate in the session. Ms. Roswitha German writer in India, will deliver a special lecture: “How I became a Writer?”


Selected Papers presented at the Conference will be brought out as a volume of essays—an ISBN publication—or as a special issue of the bi-annual journal The Commonwealth Review.

The aim of this International Conference is to encourage academics, scholars and practitioners representing an exciting diversity of countries, cultures and languages to meet and exchange views in a forum encouraging respectful dialogue.


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